(Form only to be filled by serious candidates)

A chance to do something for someone awakens the soul and makes one feel good . There is joy and satisfaction of  bringing smiles to others through our organization.


  •  The person should be above 18 years to be active member of this organization and without any criminal background.
  • The person should be physically and mentally strong (Special Person Define First) and willing to work for the organization individually or in a group and travel at his own expenses.
  • A person is selected and can be removed by the chairman or core group without notice or giving reason for misconduct, misbehaviour, indiscipline.
  • The member is willing to work and obey the chairman and core group.
  • The member will give his best effort to full fill objective and task assigned to him or her.
  • Member should attend the general meetings and participate fully and have to give written application for being absent, 3 days before the meeting.
  • The meetings will be held on weekends on Saturday or Sundays at various locations.
  • Meetings will be headed by chairman and the core group and members.
  • The chairman has the supreme power to form or diffuse a core group, members.
  • It is duty of a member to obey and give due respect to the chairman and the core group.
  • Membership Fee should be paid with Application Form on Rejection of Application the Membership fee will be refund in a week.