An amazing woman

Full of Compassion

A listener extraordinary

A tenacious warrior

A passionate lover of God

A minister of the Gospel

Ever Smiling

*Grandma CrimsonBow* as we popularly call you.

Your demise came as a rude shock to every one of us. It still seems so unbelievable that you are gone.

Grandma CrimsonBow,  you were too full of life for anyone to believe are gone! You were a mother to every member, you attended almost all our programs, giving free lectures, giving hope to several warriors, and giving so much of your measurable and immeasurable resources. Your life was an encouragement to many of us. It is hard to move on because we thought you will be with us longer than this.

Who do we turn to for sweet and soothing advice?

Who will be there to encourage us when the chips are down?

Who! Who!! Who!!!

We however look inwards and realize that you have given us all that Crimsonbow needs to influence our world, you have indeed run the race and it was a good one. Your impact, memory, and legacy will forever be treasured in our hearts.

Our consolation is that you are with your maker where you need not fight anymore.

We have the full assurance that *You Came! You Saw!!* and *You Conquered!!!*

Sleep on Grandma…

Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet again at Jesus’ feet.

On behalf of
CRIMSONBOW SCI Executive Committee and Members.