Project Report: Keep A Warrior Warm – Phase 1 Medical Outreach (Agege Region)

Project Report: Keep A Warrior Warm – Phase 1 Medical Outreach (Agege Region)


CrimsonBow Sickle Cell Initiative is a not-for-profit organization that was founded on March 1st, 2015. We seek to reach out to people whose lives have been affected by the Sickle Cell condition, either directly as sufferers, or indirectly as loved ones of sufferers. We have evolved over the past year by going beyond this widely read blog that educates, informs and encourages the sickle cell community to physically equipping Sickle Cell individuals with what it takes to fight and continuously push the boundaries and limits put upon their lives by the Sickle Cell condition. Some of our previous and current activities include paying the medical bills of several Sickle Cell individuals; counseling and encouraging Sickle cell individuals who have been at the verge of giving up and two awareness campaign walks tagged “The Red Umbrella Walk” (a campaign aimed at ending Sickle cell in this generation).

As a result of the fact that Nigeria has the highest number of sickle cell individuals in the world, we keep striving to fulfill our objectives. One way we have done so is by introducing a new project tagged “Keep A Warrior Warm”. This is a medical outreach that educates people on Sickle Cell prevention and management.

Project Objective

The Objective of the project is to create awareness on Sickle Cell, while educating people on how to prevent and/or manage the condition. We aim to bring hope to those living with the condition by assuring them that with proper care, sickle cell is not a death sentence.

In this phase, we used the avenue to provide sweaters and drugs to every child present to keep these children warm in the rainy/ harmattan season and provided vitamins as well to help fortify their immune systems against infections and diseases.

Pre-Event Activities

Awareness Creation: To create awareness towards the event, our social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) were utilized. We also sent numerous broadcasts using whatsapp and BBM tools).

To ensure a satisfactory turnout, fliers for the event were distributed a week before the event and on the morning of the event. The Community health center was also visited twice to spread the word.

An advert was put up for free on two BBM platforms (Check with Dr O and Greennewsng)

Fund Raising: Funds for the project were gotten through donations by the members of the board and  public. A total of N459,000 was raised towards this project. To protect the identity of the donors, the list will not be released to the public, but might be released upon request. An account statement will also be provided upon request if approved by the Board.

Expense Break-down:

S/N Items Budget Amount Paid
1 Corporate Social Responsibility Souvenirs (Sweaters and Vitamins)   266,300.00   239,200.00
2 Logistics (Transportation, Venue etc)   204,000.00   109,590.00
3 Media and Advertisements   113,000.00     74,500.00
4 Refreshments for Volunteers     24,000.00     22,900.00
5 Communication       5,000.00       4,500.00
TOTAL   612,300.00   450,690.00

None Monetary Donations: The following items were donated to this project.

Venue Usually rented for N50,000
Folic Acid 2000 Tabs
Water 120 Containers
Cup cakes 70 pieces
Kiddie Drinks 250 units
Coaster Biscuits 1 Carton

Event Activities

The day started with a sensitization/ awareness walk. This activity involved inviting people of the Agege environs to the event.

It was observed during the walk that a lot of people were extremely sensitive to the Sickle Cell subject. They refused to take the fliers given to them and adamantly denied that they had sickle cell individuals in their families.

Our invitation tactic had to be changed, we decided to stop approaching people with the sickle cell topic but just told them about the free gifts we had for them if they attended.

The medical talk at the event was delivered by Dr Ope Emoruwa, a medical doctor who is  deeply passionate about health promotion and health education.

We had a turnout of 230 individuals, of which about 150 of them were children. The sweaters, drugs, snacks and drinks were distributed to the children and aged. The left-over items have been taken to a school in Agege.

Post – Event Activities

The events was published by the following Media outlets- Greennewsng, Guardian Newspaper , Saturday Mirror, Sunday telegraph and SCD Journal.

Pictures From The Event



The maiden edition of Project Keep A Warrior Warm was a success and lessons have been learnt on how to make the second phase even better.


For more information, donations, sponsorships, partnerships kindly send us an email at or call 08161826816

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