Faith and Health- Making the connection

Faith and Health- Making the connection

After watching an episode one of my favorite programs on TV where sickle cell was discussed and speaking with a friend, I realized a lot of sickle cell warriors still believe that with faith and prayers their children will not have sickle cell. This has got me thinking and it has prompted me to write about this.

It is very important and good to have faith in God or have faith in your religion but when faith or religion starts clouding our judgement making us take some “not so good” decisions it becomes a problem. I have heard stories of sickle cell warriors having faith that one day they would walk into a laboratory, take the blood test and their genotype will change to AA. Really?!!! Instead of focusing on how to manage the condition and become whatever they wish to be without minding the odds!.

We forget that we have to do our part before faith can work in anything. For instance, instead of hoping my genotype will suddenly change to AA, I do my part by taking my drugs, staying hydrated, avoiding anything that could trigger crisis and live a productive and A crisis-free life for as long as I can. Or instead of hoping my child (ren) do not have the SS gene, I become aware of my genotype and focus on getting a compatible spouse.

Although I am not in any position to tell you who to marry, but I think we should start facing the reality of genotype compatibility. You have to be aware and prepared for whatever action you take and not using faith as a tool of ignorance.

Conclusively, I just wish we can put our ‘faith’ aside and start seeing the reality in things as well as finding a way to stop sickle cell.

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    Merely wanna admit that this is invaluable , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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