Whether To Disclose Your Sickle Cell Condition Before Entering A Relationship

Whether To Disclose Your Sickle Cell Condition Before Entering A Relationship

Many people with the sickle cell condition are often faced with the difficult decision of disclosing their condition before entering a relationship.

Often times, some individuals decide not to open up about their condition because of the fear of rejection and heartbreak; hence, they hide their conditions until they believe their partner can handle the information.

Not telling your partner could be very difficult and become a heavy burden upon you, as your partner won’t be there to care for you at the times you truly need them. This attitude erodes trust and honesty necessary to keeping your relationship healthy since you go to high lengths to hide it. By the time your partner finds out, it sends the message that you do not trust your partner enough to accept you for who you are. This also prevents you from reaching that ‘safe’ place where you can tell your partner anything and know that you will still be accepted.

Deciding not to tell your partner blocks you from having that deep level of intimacy that all relationships crave. It could do more harm than good, since the other person doesn’t understand what you are going through, and may misconstrue your actions and emotions.

Not telling does more harm than good. Letting him or she know from the onset gives you the opportunity to know if he/she truly loves you and is right for you.

The right person for you is not going to let something like sickle cell demolish your relationship.

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