Testimonial of Ifeoma Enyinnaya

I just want to say I am a great supporter of crimson bow sickle cell initiative… I am so proud of what they do for all those living with sickle cell disease in need of advice,help and support… I would also love to express my special gratitude to crimsonbow,early this…

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Sexual Disposition Of Warriors


Sex is a very important aspect of life, it can be argued that it is one of the most important aspects of life. One of the reasons many people refuse to get married  to Sickle cell individuals is because of the silent thought that people living with the condition are too fragile, hence, will…

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Project Keep A Warrior Warm Phase 2

  The Second edition took place in Alimosho Local Government. It is a medical outreach which aimed at educating the under-privileged on Sickle Cell prevention and maintenance.          

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